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Research | PSR

Research Centre

P.S.R. Engineering College (PSREC) is a leading Institution in the southern region of Tamil Nadu. Centre for Research at PSREC provides research opportunities to the aspiring candidates serving in Educational Institutions / Industries / Research Organizations / Research Laboratories and Government Departments. The support provided by the PSREC research centre to the research community includes internally funded projects through PSREC grants, externally funded projects through DST, AICTE and similar grants, book writing grants and start-up grants. In addition to that and in order to support the junior faculty to get on board actively in research, our centre sponsors the Junior Faculty Grant (JFG) designed for fresh young graduate faculty members. Supporting research and scholarly activities is not limited to research areas of the institution, but is also extended to serving the community through societal grants for studies of relevance and benefit to the local society. Centre for Research does not only support research activities of our faculty, but also contributes to their scholarly and teaching skills through research projects, conference attendance support, and collaboration with international institutions.

Research | PSR

We are doing our utmost efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities at PSREC. We strive to achieve our goal of leadership in quality research that is focused and directed towards excellence in the areas of expertise of our faculty and researchers. We hope to create the support, guidance and conducive environment that will enhance quality research outputs and will support PSREC leadership role in the local as well as the international community.

We count on our faculty, researchers and students to play the major role in achieving our common goal of excellence in research. We also invite you all to provide us with your suggestions and feedback for the improvement of the services we provide to the research community. This Centre is offering admission to Ph.D. programmes twice a year. Details required for the scholars/supervisors are posted in the website and periodically updated. Helpdesk is available for scholars to express their problems /to clarify any doubts.

Research Committee

In order to strengthen and expand the research activities in the institute, R&D cell was established and is functioning in this Institution from last several years. The R&D Cell promotes research activities in frontier areas of Engineering, Science, Technology and Management. Research activities includes the enhancement in the research publications in peer reviewed journals, Research Projects, Patents, Industry Collaborations, and to receive grants from various funding agencies like DST, AICTE, CSIR, MSME, TNSCST, DRDO, DAE, UGC etc.

Objective of R and D Cell:

  • To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institute. 
  • To encourage faculty members to apply for Major, Minor Research Projects, Incubation, Design and innovation Centres 
  • To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of Research & Innovation activities at the institute. 
  • To promote collaborative research. 
  • To strengthen industry – institute interaction by promoting consultancy, testing and need based research & innovation activities in the institute.
  • Implementation, follow-up, progress and monitoring of on-going projects.
  • To assist in matters related to collaborative research with other agencies.

S.No NameDesignationResponsibility
1Dr.B.G.Vishnuram PrincipalChairperson
2 Dr.P.Marichamy Dean Co-Chairperson
3 Dr.M.Shahul Hameed Dean (Research) Secretary
4Dr.P.Pitchipoo IQAC Coordinator Member
5 Dr.K.Valarmathi Prof. in ECE and HODMember
6Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy Prof. in Mech. Engg. and HODMember
7Dr.R.Madavan Prof. in EEE and MSME Co-OrdinatorMember
8Dr.S.ManikandanProf. in Bio Medical Engg. and HODMember
9Dr.K.SubramanianProf in Bio Technology Engg and HODMember
10Dr. S. Edwin Jose Prof. in EEE and HODMember

List of Research Scholars Completed Phd in our Research Center

S.No Name Reg.No Department Title Supervisor Date
1. R.Vasudev 7070023120 Civil Use of Turn Steel Scrap as Fiber in Concrete Dr.B.G.Vishnuram 10.12.2015
2. S.Kalirajan 7089023103 Civil Self – Compacting Concrete with M – Sand Dr.B.G.Vishnuram 12.08.2016
3. K.Anbuvelan 10900231001 Civil Ductile Behaviour of FRC Frames under Cyclic Loading Dr.K.Subramanian 29.11.2016
4. R.Ilangovan 7081023104 Civil Restoration of Polluted Lakes using Structural and Non Structural Approaches Dr.K.Subramanian 29.12.2016
5. K.Lekshmi 1324489778 CSE Cluster Analysis-based Classification of Hepatic Tumor Cells in Histopathology Image using Machine Learning Techniques Dr.K.RubaSoundar 12.12.2018
6. S.Ravikumar 1314289139 MECH A Machine learning Approach to Fault Diagnosis to self Aligning Carrying Idler in Belt Conveyor System Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy 04.07.2019
7. R.VedhaPriyaVadhana 20117401106 CSE A Novel Video In painting Technique Based on 3D-Edge-Curvelet Transform and Digital Notch Filtering Method Dr.K.RubaSoundar 08.07.2019
8. L.Thanga Mariappan 1314489280 CSE Amputating Wormhole Attacks with Secure Routing and Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr.K.Rubasoundar 30.08.2019
9. R.Arul Kumar 1214289729 Mech Studies on Biomass Densification Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy 06.11.2019
10. R.Kesavamoorthy 1214489739 CSE Secure Cloud Environment against DDoS Attacks by Multi Agent Systems Dr.K.Rubasoundar 27.12.2019
11. R.Rethan Raj 1314289132 MECH Investigation on the Abrasive Water Jet Machining Characteristics of Zirconium Silicate-Hexagonal Boron Nitride Reinforced Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy 21.02.2020
12. S.JosephineKelvina Florence 1524169155 Civil Response of Composite Cylindrical Shells to High Frequency Acoustic Excitation Using Statistical Energy Analysis Dr.K.Subramanian 28.02.2020
13. K.A.ShaheerAbubavker 20117401007 CSE Content Based Image Retrievel on Large Medical Stereoscopic Image Database Dr.K.RubaSoundar 09.03.2020
14. N.Kavitha 1424489155 CSE Algorithms for Moving Cast Shadow Detection in Video Surveillance Applications Dr.K.RubaSoundar 12.03.2020
15. K.A.ShaheerAbubavker 20117401007 CSE Algorithms for Moving Cast Shadow Detection in Video Surveillance Applications Dr.K.RubaSoundar 12.03.2020
16. A.Kamaraj 1414489180 ECE Studies on Reversible Logic Based Gates and Circuits for Arithmetic Operations Dr. P.Marichamy 20.03.2020
17. B.Indra 16234897447 ICE Development of Improved Packet Classification System in Software Defined Network Dr.K.Valarmathi 10.06.2020
18. L.R.Priya 20117401055 CSE Certain Investigation on channel/QoS Aware Strategy to Improve the Performance of Downlink Long Term Evolution (LTE) Dr.K.Rubasoundar 12.06.2020
19. B.Guruprakash 20117401088 CSE A Swarm Intelligence Based Clustering Technique with Scheduling for the Amelioration of Lifetime in Sensor Networks Dr.C.Balasubramanian 18.06.2020
20. D.S.Manoj Abraham 20117201041 Mech Investigation of Accelerated Aging Effects in Phenolic Ablative Composites Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy 22.06.2020
21. R.Ranjith Kumar 71060231015 Civil Studies on Biological Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Waste Water Dr.K.Subramanian 05.08.2020
22. M.Poomani @ Punitha 1222489720 CSE Analysis on the Classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images using Object Oriented Technique Dr.K.RubaSoundar 03.09.2020
23. Mr.S.Muthukumar 20117401091 CSE A Cross Layer Token Assignment and Analysis Model for Efficient Wormhole Attack Detection in MANET Dr.K.RubaSoundar 09.09.2020
24. Mr.S.N.Manoharan 1314489755 CSE Innovative Securable Fuzzy Logic Based Ranking Mechanism to aid Document Search on Outsourced Cloud Data Dr.K.RubaSoundar 23.09.2020
25. C.Vinola 1424489199 ECE Enhancing Real Time Emotional Perception of Visually Impaired People using Machine Learing Techniques Dr.K.Valarmathi 06.10.2020
26. Mr.C.Kalyana Sundram 1413489179 ECE Studies on the Identification of Taste Disorder through EEG signal Analysis Dr.P.Marichamy 25.01.2021
27. S.Senthil Kumar 16142797230 Mech Comprehensive Analysis on the Tribilogical and Machining  Performance of Al-Mg Incorporated with MoS2 through Powder Mettalurgy Dr.P.Pitchipoo 19.03.2021

PATENTS 2021 - 2022


Name of The Applicant



Application No.



Dr.M.Shahul Hameed


Carbon Neutral Concrete Wall Panel




Dr.M.Shahul Hameed


Foamed Geopolymer Paver






Spy Robot using Android Application




Dr. P. Marichamy


Automatic Electricity Bill Generation and Cutoff System




Dr.R.Meena Prakash


Facial Emotion Recognition for Smart Security Applications




Mr. S. Sankar Ganesh


Detection and Recording System of Tremors on Patient





Dr. M. Thirukumaran 


A Futuristic Oil Paint Remover




Dr. S. Edwin Jose


Design and Development of Low cost, Smart High Security Band to Ensure Women Safety




Dr. S. Edwin Jose


IOT based Prediction and Early Avoidance of Flood




Dr. S Priya dharshini


Rain Sensing Automatic Car Mono Wiper using IC – LM358 Microcontroller




Dr. A. Ramathilagam


Ghat Road Alerting System




Mr. D. Arun Shanmugam


Smart Irrigation System using IOT



PATENTS 2020 - 2021

S.No Name of The Applicant Department Title Application No. Year
1. Dr.M.Shahul Hameed Civil Eco-Efficient Geopolymer Bricks 202141004597 A 2021
2. Dr.M.Shahul Hameed Civil Low Cost Eco-Friendly Fibre False Ceiling 202141004595 A 2021
3. Dr.M.Shahul Hameed Civil Fiber Reinforced Rubber Weathering Joint for Pavement 202141004603 A 2021
4. Dr.K.RubaSoundar CSE Smart Alarm Device for Protecting Agricultural field From Animals and Birds 202141004608 A 2021
5. Dr.P.Kavitha CSE Design of a Novel Security Mechanism for Manet Against Impersonation Attacks 202141004647 A 2021
6. Dr.P.Marichamy ECE Remote Controlled Waste Collecting Machine from Fresh Water Resources 202141004628 A 2021
7. Dr.P.Marichamy ECE Automatic Painting System in Congested Area 202141004621 A 2021
8. Dr.P.Marichamy ECE Footboard Avoidance System in Public Transport 202141004626 A 2021
9. Dr.P.Marichamy ECE Wheelchair Cum Stretcher for Small Healthcare 202141004623 A 2021
10. Dr.A.Muthiah Mech Solar Operated Riddle Machine 202141004598 A 2021
11. Dr.P.ShenbagaVelu Mech Design And Implementation of Smart Irrigation System 202141004609 A 2021
12. Dr.Kanagasabapathy Mech Manual Seed sowing Machine for Small Scale Farming 202141004604 A 2021
13. Dr.P.Pitchipoo Mech Low Cost Impact Sensitivity Tester for Pyrotech Chemicals 202141004599 A 2021
14. Dr.S.Kalidass Mech Design and Fabrication of Horizontal and Vertical Cutting Machine 202141004596 A 2021
15. Dr.R.Madavan EEE Smart System for Child Rescue From Borewell 202141004622 A 2021
16. Dr.R.Madavan EEE Modular Designed Agricultural Robot for Ploughing Seeding Harvesting And Spraying Pesticides 202141004627 A 2021
17. Dr.R.Rajeswari Bio-Tech Develop a Clinical Tissue Paper Using Hypena Muciforms Copper Nanoparticles 202141004620 A 2021
18. Dr.K.Subramanian Bio-Tech Biodegradable Plastics from Gracilaria Edulis 202141004617 A 2021


Sl. NoName of the ApplicantDepartmentTitleApplication No. Year
1Dr.M.Shahul HameedCivilPrefabricated ferro-foam concrete doors201941012315A2019
2Dr.M.Shahul HameedCivilEco-friendly Roof weathering tiles201941012318A 2019
3Dr.R.ArunCSEControlling road traffic signal using image processing201941004428A 2019
4Dr.S.SingaravelanCSEVoter face recognition as a verification system using radon transformation based electronic voting201941004424A 2019
5Dr.S.AmuthaCSEEnergy –optimized expanding ring search algorithm for secure routing against black-hole attack in MANETs201941004425A 2019
6Dr.S.RajasoundaranCSESecure online vote polling system using protected operating system services201941004421A2019
7Dr.S.PriyadarsiniCSESegmentation and classification of liver images from CT images201941004422A2019
8Dr.A.RamathilagamCSEDeadline execution in public clouds using enhanced artificial BEE Colony resource mechanism201941004423A 2019
9Dr.P.MarichamyECESmart cart with automated billing using AADHAR201941001316A2019
10Dr.P.MarichamyECEBorewell Rescue Robot201941001317A 2019
11Dr.P.MarichamyECEUnderwater survelliance ROBOT201941001318A 2019
12Dr.P.MarichamyECEAutomatic Adjustment of Position of Microphone using Ultrasonic sensor and RF Module201941001319A 2019
13Dr.P.PichipooMECHNovel Power Generator For Automobiles201941012314A2019
14Dr.A.MuthiahMECHDesign of scrap Plummeting Shredder Machine201941012317A 2019
16Dr.R.DinagaranMECHTissue Paper Punching Machine In Crackers manufacturing201941012316A 2019
17Dr.H.KanagasabapathyMECHFlame Retardants by surface on fabrics201941037126A2019
18Dr.R.Madavan EEEModular design and implementation of stepped DC Source multilevel inverter by reducing the switching201941004629A 2019
19Dr.R.MadavanEEE Prevention Of Road Accidents Using Smart Helmet201941004630A 2019
20Dr.C.BalasubramanianCSEImproved Blind Image Steganalyzer Performance Using CurveletAnd Novel Third Order Spam Features202041002590A 2019
21Mr.K.GanesanMECHFriction Stirr Crack Propagation Standstill Technique 201841012574A2019
22Dr.R.RajagopalanEEEDesign and Development of Smart Waist Belt for Visually Impaired Individuals201941029670A2019
23Dr.K.GanesanMECHPaver Block and a Method for manufacturing the same201841004830A2018


Name of the Scholar
Register No
Thesis Title
Date of Viva-Voce
Raja Guru R
Dynamic Spectrum Access in Next Generation Heterogeneous Cognitive Mobile Networks
Dr.P. Marichamy 20.07.2021
Senthil Kumar S
Comprehensive Analysis on the Tribological and Machining Performance of Al-Mg Incorporated with MoS2 through Powder Metallurgy
Dr.P. Pitchipoo 19.03.2021
Mr.C.Kalyana Sundaram
Studies on the identification of Taste Disorder through EEG Signal Analysis
Dr.P.Marichamy 25.01.2021
Manoj Abraham D S
Investigation of Accelerated Aging Effects in Phenolic Ablative Composites
Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy 22.06.2020
Guruprakash B
A Swarm Intelligence Based Clustering Technique with Scheduling for the Amelioration of Lifetime in Sensor Networks
Dr.C.Balasubramanian 18.06.2020
Priya L R
Certain Investigation on channel/QoS Aware Strategy to Improve the Performance of Downlink Long Term Evolution (LTE)
Dr.K.Ruba soundar 12.06.2020
B Indra
Development of Improved Packet Classification System in Software Defined Network
Dr.K.Valarmathi 10.06.2020
R Ranjith Kumar