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Course Feedback - Suggestion Box

Student evaluation plays an important role in assessing the quality of educational delivery at P.S.R. Engineering College. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

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Rules and Regulations

The students must follow the following rules and regulations:

  • Students must wear uniform, when they come to laboratory classes(i.e. shirt inserted with pant,black shoes,belt and over coat for girls).
  • Students should not wear jeans or T-shirt.Girls should wear either saree or churidhar with properly pinned shawl(Thuppatta)
  • Students are prevented from talking unnecessarily to the students of opposite gender in the campus.
  • When they want to take leave or permission,they should get the signature from the faculty advisor concerned. The leave application can be duly signed by the parent/warden.
  • Students while attending classes should have proper textbooks and separate notebooks for every subject.
  • Students should take care of tools,apparatus and other equipments given to them and preserve the cleanliness of the laboratories.
  • Submission of records in the laboratories/workshop should be regular.
  • If the students do not attend the periodical tests/internal assessment tests they will loose their internal marks and also severe action will be taken for their absence.
  • Use of mobile phones/pagers & other electronic gadgets are strictly banned inside the college campus.