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News Guest Lecture on Digital Communcation by Mr.Samuel Rajan, ECE Alumni12

Alumni Guest Lecture on Digital Communcation by Mr.Samuel Rajan, ECE Alumni.3...

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21 January 2019 22 198

News Guest Lecture on Digital Communcation by Mr.Samuel Rajan, ECE Alumni1


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22 January 2019 22 182

Alumni Success Stories

Marikkannan TEST

Infinity Software solutions Pvt Ltd test


Rajesh kannan

North Oil Company, Qatar.

C&I Engineer

Venkadeswaran krishnasamy

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Data Architect


Equitas Small Finance bank

Assistant manager


PSR teaches you to be disciplined & committed. I appreciate the management and teachers who groomed us to what we are today.
Jeevakarthik Kandhasamy test

Information Technology

2004 Batch

PSR institution helps the student to identify their true potential and creates an atmosphere to hone their skills.
Rajesh kannan

Computer Science

2003 Batch

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. My professional life journey powered by PSR that's why I am successful today.

To me personally, PSR means
P - Professional
S - Strength
R - Revived

I am a proud PSRian.
Venkadeswaran krishnasamy

PSR institution act as cutting edge for shaping their students in terms of Technology, Personal
interpersonal skills, Attitude, Reliable, and Leadership etc., which satisfy the social and
corporate needs and these qualities are as the passport entry to the future for writing their own
success story.

PSR Engineering College provided me with a great balance of academics and extracurricular activities. The great college life I experienced here was profoundly aided by the excellent and friendly staffs. The time I have spent in this college is paving the way towards a fruitful and enriching career

When I turn back and see my life, I can realize now: 'Success is never accidental, it's pre-planned and incubated in PSR'. Thanks a lot, Teachers & Management for the wonderful PSR life
ShanmugaBabu Tamilarasan