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NBA / NAAC Accredited/IQAC
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Since inception of the college, in the year 1999, the Science & Humanities departments have been effectively functional. The S&H departments stands focused to its Ideals in imparting knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence through the acquisition of core competence in language skills, and in the field of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The course curriculum is periodically upgraded to suit the requirements of different engineering depends as per the syllabus of Anna University of Technology, Chennai.








    • The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1999, the year of establishment of the institute. The focus of the Department is to provide a strong foundation in Engineering Mathematics to the students of Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate Engineering Programs.
    • A dedicated team of experienced faculties give at most cares to bridge the Curriculum and the modern needs.


    • The Department of English is functioning with the objective of teaching essentials of English Language to enhance employment Skill. The Department offers opportunities to have better pre-requisite for the Employment in the form of Training for professional English Exam like’ BEC’, TOEFEL and ICTACT skill edge. Through innovative thinking, it creates space for every learner with the help of advanced visual-aids and Software. The Unique English Language laboratory gives enough exposure to the students to compete with others. Faculties of the Department ensure smooth conduct of the Class and best practices for the development of English Communication skill.
    • The Department comprises faculties with enough experience and competence for offering standard education to the student’s community. The Department always encourages students to participate extra-Curricular activities to improve social and leadership skills.


    The Department of Physics was established in the year 1999. This Department offers Engineering Physics to First year B.E students to enhance the knowledge in the field of Physics. This course provides the good background to learn the engineering subject very effective manner.


    The Department of Physics was established in the year 1999. This Department offers Engineering Physics to First year B.E students to enhance the knowledge in the field of Physics. This course provides the good background to learn the engineering subject very effective manner.

    The Department of physics has very good Laboratory with following equipments

    • Semiconductor Band Gap apparatus
    • Ultrasonic Interferometer
    • Lee’s Disc Apparatus
    • Laser
    • Spectrometer
    • Travelling Microscope


    The Department of Chemistry comprises faculty members with qualified, experienced and having sound knowledge in various research fields. The department strives to help students become scientifically responsible citizens, with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to be successful in scientific or non-scientific professions. The department carryout some project for the first year students to improving their research interest. One of the faculty member is having more than twelve publications in diverse fields research such as metal complexes characterization and their biological activities. Currently four candidates are pursuing their Ph.D under his guidance at various Universities. The faculty members are the annual members in various scientific bodies like Indian Chemical Society and Indian Council of Chemist.

    In support of our mission the Department of Chemistry strives to:

    • To maintain and develop high standards in teaching method.
    • To maintain close working relationships between students and faculty.
    • To promote cross-disciplinary thinking by providing students with educational and research opportunities.


    Mr. D.SRIRAM

    Professor & Coordinator,

    Dept. of Science and Humanities,

    PSR Engineering College,

    Sevalpatti, Sivakasi – 626 140,

    Virudhunagar District,

    Tamil Nadu, India.

    Email : [email protected]

    Phone : 04562-239600

Faculty Members

The faculty in the department is a rich blend of personnel with industrial and professional experience. The dedicated staff members have sound knowledge in emerging areas. Most faculty members are accomplished postgraduates with considerable research and academic experience. The breadth and depth of research interests of the academic staff ensures a high standard lecture courses and provide excellent opportunities for challenging and stimulating final year projects. Individual lecturers supplement their delivery using blackboards, overhead projectors and video projection.


Mr.D.SRIRAM M.Sc.,M.Phil. Professor & Coordinator [email protected] 1-445119669View
Mr.V.RAMAMURTHI M.Sc.,M.Phil. Associate Professor [email protected] 1-445119661 View
Dr.N.JEYABALAN M.Sc.,M.Phil,Ph.D. Associate Professor [email protected] 1-2185467733 View
Mr.V.ARUMUGAM M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-3185069757 View
Dr. G.MEENA M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-2637366056 View
Mr.M.KRISHNA KUMAR M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-3559278944 View
Mr.M.BALA M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-7367253250 View
Mrs.N.MUTHUSELVI M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-7367878014 View
Mr.K.SANGARESWARAN M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor[email protected]View
Mr.C.THIRUPATHIRAJAM.Sc.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor[email protected]1-43382708365View
Dr. S. AKILA DEVIM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.Assistant Professor[email protected]1-43382708553View


Mr. K.SUNDARAMOORTHY M.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-4642578398 View
Mrs.R.MAHESWARI@ROHINI M.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-7367253702 View
Dr.R.PREMKUMARM.Phil, Ph.DAssistant Professor1-9494885568 View
Mr. M. GOVINDANM.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Assistant Professor[email protected] View
Ms. D. JESLIN SELVABALAM.A., M.Phil.Assistant Professor[email protected]1-4338318692View
Ms.K.JEYANTHYM.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected]1-4338339471View
Ms. S. SENBAGARATHIM.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected]1-4338318744View
Ms.C.BALAMBIGAM.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected]1-4338303850View
Ms.G. SELVARANIM.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected]View
Ms. R. KEERTHIKAM.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected]View


Mr.P.GOPALAKRISHNAN M.Sc.,M.Phil. Professor [email protected] 1-445119739 View
Dr.K.SANKARASUBRAMANIAN M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Associate Professor [email protected] 1-7367252832 View
Ms.S.VINOTHINI M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor [email protected] 1-7368721370 View
Dr. K.SELVARANIM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.Associate Professor[email protected] 1-2190925774View