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Civil Engineering is the backbone of any nation, as the civil engineers build the infrastructure of the nation. India is a fast developing country and huge infrastructure projects are under construction. As such large numbers of civil engineers are required for the completion of these projects. Department of Civil Engineering was started in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 Students. Department has very good infra structure, and Laboratories which are equipped with latest equipments. Since inception, the Department is committed to produce competent Civil Engineers. Over the years the department has nurtured young minds to produce bright able civil engineers. The department has expertise in almost the entire spectrum of civil engineering, offering higher degree programme in Structural Engineering. Many of our faculty members and students are involved in research activities in various areas of civil engineering. The department is also very active in conducting conferences, workshops, short term seminars etc. The department has been constantly involved in a range of consultancy projects.


Post Graduate






    A graduate of the Civil Engineering Program will attain

    • PO:1 An ability to independently carry out research/ investigation and development work to solve practical Problems in key areas of Computer Science and Engineering.
    • PO:2 An ability to write and present a substantial report/document.
    • PO:3 Able to demonstrate Computer Science and Engineering Problems critically in development project and find suitable solution.
    • PO:4 Graduate will show the understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.
    • PO:5 Able to design a system, component or process as per needs and specifications.
    • PO:6 Able to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze problems</li


    • PSO:1 To motivate the graduate students to address the societal needs by interdisciplinary approach through advanced courses such as Finite Element Analysis, Plates & Shell structures, Structural Dynamics, Soil Dynamics, and allied courses.
    • PSO:2 To enrich the graduate students to get hands on training on latest equipment / software to be industry ready / pursue advanced research.
    • PSO:3 Engineers will be able to apply concepts for design/ test/implement /analysis system in the area related to civil engineering industry and society.
    • PSO:4 Excel in the research innovation design and problem solving in structural engineering domain.

    Staff Achievements

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    Technical Excellence Award

    Mr.S.Karthik Ragunath

    Saanvi Construction Solution, Chennai

    13.08.2019 Teacher

    Best Concrete Mix Design Award

    Mr.L.Arun Raja

    CADD Master 5C

    22.10.2019 Teacher

    Best Safety Excellence Award


    MIT Solutions, Usilampatti

    10.01.2020 Teacher