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The Department of Management Studies was established in the academic year 2006-07 offering MBA program with an intake of 60 students. The primary objective of the Department is to develop the business leaders by having appropriate knowledge and skills in the area of modern business management and techniques.

The Department focuses more on offering world-class education, research, training and consultancy in their respective areas.

The Department of Management Studies institutes intensive coaching in order to emphasize the development of innovative and creative skills, excellent communication, and team building abilities, work ethics and good administrative skills among the students. The department has adequate facilities such as computer lab, library with national & international journals, seminar hall, discussion halls and airy classrooms. The department has dedicated faculty members, specialized in various areas of management.

Specializations offered

Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations / Production and Systems

Teaching Methodology

Group Discussion, Case study development, Brainstorming sessions, Special lectures, Industrial training, Management games, Role play, etc.,

Quality Objectives

To obtain minimum 75% pass in each semester

To get 85% first class of the students in each semester.

To ensure that no student has more than 3 arrears at any given time.

Arranging Industrial Visits, special lectures by eminent personalities.

Organizing an Inter collegiate management meet.

Providing placement training to improve students placement.

Encouraging students to participate in competitions conducted by external institutions.

Encouraging faculty members to publish papers in conference & journals and upgrade their qualification if needed.








    To create spirited Entrepreneurs & Executives with ethics and social responsibility and to inculcate innovative continuous learning with a global mind-set through quality teaching, training and research.


    • Creating an environment for aspiring Managers and Entrepreneurs to learn Ethical Values, Morale and Social Responsibility through managerial concepts.
    • Promoting research based advanced learning and engages with organizations through establishing high quality aspirants and faculty.
    • Enhancing Institute’s prophecy through sustainable growth in association with industry leaders, professional bodies and the local community.

Program Specific Outcomes(PSO)

    On completion of this program the graduate should be able to:

    • PSO 1: Apply various concepts and strategies to comprehend the importance of functional and inter functional disciplines in the business management.
    • PSO 2: Recognize opportunities available and face the challenges as competent individuals in the global business environment and adapt accordingly.
    • PSO 3: Formulate & initiating a passion among management graduates for multidisciplinary knowledge approach for problem solving, critical analysis and decision making by giving due importance for rational thinking.
    • PSO 4: Channelize the transformation process of every management graduate by providing in- depth knowledge of business management embedded with ethics and a sense of social commitment and imparts value creation and development to the society.


    A post-graduate of the Master of Business Administration Program will attain –

    • Management Students will develop a cross-functional understanding of the key functions of business (Operation, Human Resource, Accounting, Finance, Systems, Management and Marketing).
    • Management Students will learn the proper use of oral and written communication, research, and analytical skills to solve current issues (e.g., diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, etc.)in business, both individually and as part of teams using techniques such as role plays, case analysis, projects and assignments.
    • Students will get the ability to approach business problems with analytical skills and minimizing the cost with the help of statistical tools and operational research techniques.
    • Management Students will learn the aspects of human behavior at work place and its major impact on Organizations growth and prosperity during critical situation.
    • Students will enhance their skills to approach problems under legal view and ensuring    industrial establishment and existence with legal, ethical and environmental standards.
    • Students will learn the techniques and typical approach to keep the customers of an Organization by producing high-quality products and services in a tough competition. They will also learn how the strategy, data and effective communications are helping to integrate the quality and discipline to suit the culture and activities of the organization.
    • Management Students will get broader inputs on Finance and Accounts to produce financial statements using various financial tools and by knowing the practical and legal limitations of regional, national, international finance within corporate and international environments to appreciate the global implications of conducting business.
    • Management students will have a solid, culturally-sensitive, and specialized education in marketing that will enable students to pursue careers in brand management, market research, advertising, public relations, selling, buying and Understand and appreciate marketing’s role in formulating, implementing, and monitoring specific strategies and tactics for serving high potential target markets.
    • Management students will posses skills in understanding a system consists of people, procedures, hardware, software, and data and modeling organizational processes and data, defining and implementing technical and process solutions, managing projects, and integrating systems.
    • Management students will realize fundamental HR functionalities and core qualities of HR management such as extensive knowledge of the industry, leadership, and effective negotiation skills and also focuses on strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, talent management, succession planning, industrial and labor relations, and diversity and  inclusion.
    • Students will learn the important aspects of design and management of products, process, services and supply chain to deliver the goods and services to meet the clients’ expectation.
    • Students will learn the Research methodology to find new solutions or ideas for the business problems viz marketing, human resource, finance, systems and operations. Students will become familiar with the project management software applications to manage projects.
    • Management students will get an exposure to International Business issues in depth to develop managerial skills to manage people and to process the business in local and     international business environments. Learners will improve their theoretical knowledge of economics using the relationship of firms with the employees, the providers of capital, the customers, the government, the interactions between firms and the business environment.


    MBA programme curriculum is designed to prepare the post graduate students to:

    • PEO1: Graduates are able to adapt sound leadership traits to take ethical decision-making within business in the competitive global environment.
    • PEO2: Graduates are competent to excel in their professional skills in life-long learning to make creative, innovative and entrepreneurial talent for manage business environmental changes.
    • PEO3: Graduates will adapt to a rapidly changing environment with their employability skills, integrated knowledge and demonstrated ability to perform as management professionals.
    • PEO4:Graduates will have the positive perspectives in imparting technology and skills that build Nation’s upliftment.


    Dr. T. Rajkumar

    Professor & Head,
    Department of Management Studies,
    P.S.R. Engineering College,
    Sevalpatti,  Sivakasi – 626 140,
    Virudhunagar District,
    Tamil Nadu, India.
    Email :
    Phone : 04562-239628

Faculty Members

Faculty members are encouraged to actively participate in identifying industrial projects for students. The Department also invites leading management professionals to deliver lecture and demonstrate on various management philosophies. The department has collaborative linkage with nearby technical and management institutions with regard to the conduct of campus placement, seminars, symposia, workshops, and exchange programme for upgrading the students as well as faculty knowledge.

Dept Of Management Studies

Dr. T. RajkumarB.Sc., M.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.DProfessor &
Dr. R. KASI RAMANB.E., M.B.A., PGDHRM., Ph.D., SET, NET(UGC)Associate 1-445260849 View
Ms. S. REKHA B.Tech, M.B.A., Ph.DAssistant View
Ms. M. INDHUJA B.B.A,M.B.A. Assistant Professor 1-7392489243 View
Ms. D. AmbikaB.Com,M.B.A. Assistant
Ms. D. JeyasreeB.E.,M.B.A. Assistant
Ms. S. AbinayaB.E.,M.B.A. Assistant



A dedicated Business lab has been initiated in premises of Department of Management Studies for the benefit of staff and students to develop global competency and keep them updated with recent practices in the business world. This Lab provides practical exposure of the processes and procedures followed by organizations in conducting commercial practices. The lab provides practical orientation to students by linking the subject syllabi with practical training in the lab.


The Business Laboratory is equipped with the latest teaching aids such as projector and video camera. Charts, Models, Magazines prepared by students are displayed for the benefit of all. The Lab is also used for interaction with the peers from other institutes. Students also participate in group discussions, interviews, presentations, etc. arranged here from time to time. With the Business lab, the college aims to stress on the importance of practical application of knowledge gained through theory, among students and faculty.