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December 05, 2020




The Institution has created an innovative ecosystem for project and product development in this regard we developed an incubation centre to initiatives and transfer of knowledge. The faculty members are empowered to take up research activities utilizing the existing facilities. The college has a Research and Development Cell to motivate the faculty members to write feasibility studies and research projects and also helps to create research culture among faculty members and students.

PSR Innovation and incubation center (PSRIIC) initiated various activities for the career enhancement of students at different medium like self-employment, startup initiatives, collaboration with research institutions and other industrial manufacturing related careers are enriched through various training programmes. On the basis of qualitative and quantitative outcome based, ideas are shortlisted and suggested for incubation and development. PSRIIC encourages on establishing different clubs constituted by the students thereby favoring the students by providing guidance on healthy innovation interactive sessions. Further these discussions are converted into innovative projects and other development activity in the research context.

PSRIIC also helps the students to organize various events like seminars, workshops, national conferences, entrepreneurial awareness programmes, inter/intra college competitions by enriching innovative ideas from the students. PSRIIC inculcate the culture of innovative research practice, social issues identification, entrepreneurship qualities, creative ideas, business strategies, science and technological development and support to society on Nation building and provides extensive ideas on real time projects by visiting various industries through in-plant training, industrial visit and internship for prospective learners.

PSRIIC guides both faculty and students on Intellectual Property Rights, Patentable research & Skill based training programmes for lifelong learning. Over and above the institution is having various verticals on research establishment by starting up incubation centres, R & D Councils, Research laboratories and social needs as and when addressed through converting research into a reality by proper systematic provisions.

PSRIIC which helps to reduce gap between industry and academics by organizing various events like skill development programs, Industry – Academia meets, guest lecture, etc., under the cell. Awareness programs of various schemes under MSME, Digital India and Make in India were conducted under PSRIIC.

PSR Innovation and incubation center (PSRIIC) cultivates business enterprise through their start-up phase by providing the entire support essential to facilitate entrepreneurs who have proposals with strong social & strategic impact. PSR Innovation and incubation center (PSRIIC) is ready to support entrepreneurs translating their innovations into products and services that are commercially possible.

Entrepreneurs/ Incubatees/ Startups may be offered shared office space at P.S.R. Engineering College on a case-by-case basis. P.S.R Incubation Cell will also enthusiastically support Entrepreneurs/ Incubatees/ Startups with a combination of inputs including:


  • Seed Funding

  • Permission to use laboratories, workshop facilities and equipments

  • Mentoring

  • Business support services

  • Branding

  • Networking

Admission to P.S.R Incubation Cell is open to:

  • Teaching and non-teachingst

  • Students

  • Alumni

  • Research Scholars

  • All others approved by the management

Name of the Startup
Nature of Startup
Year of commencement
Contact Information of the Promoters


Organo Bio Fertilizer

Manufacturer and Seller

2018 -2019
Mr.T.D. Sesha Rajan
15/47, Ramapillai lane
South Veli Street
Ph.No: 8667487280


FINSO Support Service(FSS)

Service and Product Development
Ph.No: 6382257541


Clamsys Consultancy Private Ltd

Service and Product Development

2017 -2018
Mr.Prince Ebinezar
14-4/29, Narmada River Street
Mahatma Gandhi Nagar
Tamil Nadu 625014.
Ph.no: 7904505739


Waxwing Automation System

Software Development
354, Murugan Colony
Pallapati Road
Sivakasi - 626 13.
Phone No. 9003737477