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  October 18, 2017

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


The Parent- Teacher Association (PTA) is an effective forum of PSR Engineering College to bridge relation between Teachers and Parents. It is a forum to address all issues related to student’s academic life. The objective of PTA is to share information and to discuss constructive practices for student’s educational and moral growth.


  • To promote student’s knowledge, well-being and educational success through strong parent and community involvement.


  • To make every students’ potential a reality.

General Informations

  • PTA Meeting will be scheduled twice in a semester as per academic schedule.

  • The date and time will be informed through SMS message well in advance.

  • Academic performances in internal and semester examination will be discussed.

  • The regularity (attendance) and other issues shall be discussed.

  • In case parents who stay in other states (or) foreign countries, they may use email for their queries.

  • Parents may contact the concerned faculty advisors/ hostel wardens (hostel related queries only) to get prompt and quick information.

  • While making any enquiry, please give your ward’s name, branch, year and section.


Professor/PTA Coordinator,
Dept. of Chemistry,
PSR Engineering College,
Sevalpatti,  Sivakasi - 626 140, 
Virudhunagar District, 
Tamil Nadu, India. 
Email : esakkimuthu@psr.edu.in
Mobile : 8870146153